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What People are saying about XoloSd


“Great website. I am on it all the time. I have been to a bunch of xolos games…”

-Eamon- From San Diego


“Keep the site going, this is the best site to keep up with the xolos.”

-Robert- From San Diego




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  1. Rich Gonzales says:

    Do you guys have any season ticket info? I just moved to LA and would like to get season tickets. I don’t speak Spanish so I have to use google translate for all info, you guys are a breath of fresh air for the xolo’s English only speaking fans.

    • xolosd says:

      Season tickets are a hot comodity. About 70% of the stadium is sold to season ticket holders “Xolopass”. We should have somthing in place for next season for all our fans north of the border.

      Thank You,
      XoloSd Team

    • xolosd says:

      Glad that you like our site. You can also follow us on Twitter @XoloSd

  2. yaya813 says:

    I’m trying to buy Joe Corona’s and Castillos jerseys , how can I buy them on here and get them shipped to the U.S.

  3. memo says:

    Cool site! Love the game overall and support many teams and leagues. Is it safe to travel there?!

  4. Heather says:

    Hi! I am would like to buy 2 tickets for the upcoming Xolos vs. Cruz Azul game on Oct. 19th. Ticketmaster doesn’t have them nor the Xolos website :( Can you help me figure out where I can buy them?
    Mil Gracias!

    • xolosd says:

      They go one sale four days before the game on http://www.xolos.com.mx

      • KLSONE says:

        Hi, I’ve been a fan since TJ got promoted and was hoping for a more comprehensive fan site than this for English speakers. Only 1 topic and 3 replies in the forum?! Is there another forum that is more active or is this it? I like that you seem to be trying to keep this site up-to-date with some news, but I am surprised with the lack of a genuine SG in SD for TJ. Do you ever travel as a group to games? I would love to see more support for TJ, ESPECIALLY among Anglo English-speakers! Thanks.

        • xolosd says:

          Tell us what you would like to see and how to improve the site.

          • KLSONE says:

            You should use vBulletin.com as a framework for the forum. It is easy to navigate and nearly standard with most internet communities. I would also suggest looking at some SG webpages like Angel City Brigade for the LA Galaxy to get an idea of topics to fill the page. If you can get people/ friends/ associates write content on the forum so it looks active that would help. The FB page seems pretty active, why not post some of that content on here. Just throw stuff here and see if it sticks.

          • xolosd says:

            Thanks for the advice I will check it out.

  5. ramirez13 says:

    When can we buy tickets for the final?

  6. huayra123 says:

    Where are the best spots to watch tonights game in san diego?

  7. vm says:

    what channel is the Xolos game today?

  8. amy90 says:

    Hi, I would like to know where I can buy a season pass in San Diego before Christmas. I would really like to go it as a present for a sibling. Info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  9. alcantaragabriel says:

    hey does anyone know the number of xolos club were i can ask innformation about the xolo pass

  10. Hi and greetings from Western New York. I am putting together a map and a post on 2012-13 Liga MX. Your site is so professionally done it initially fooled me into thinking this was the official English version site of Club Tijuana !
    I was hoping you folks could tell me what is the amount, in your estimation, of spectators at Xolos home matches that come from the USA?
    Also, via the following link, here are attendance figures I am using in my post (2011-12 home attendances as estimated by reporters working with concha.com via website soccer365.com – http://soccer365.com/news/world_news/the_view_from_mexico/17000/club_america_tops_attendance_league )…do you think 19,500 per game is an accurate estimation of Club Tijuana’s 2011-12 average attendance?
    Thanks very much and best wishes in the 2013 Copa libertadores Group Stage :)

  11. Michael says:

    Where do i get tickets for the xolos/usa national team game at?

  12. rosie says:


  13. jlovell says:

    Is it possible to buy Xolos gear online. I live in Sacramento and rarely get to either Tijuana or National City.

  14. jose says:

    Do you still have your online store available and would you be able to sell hats?

  15. John says:

    Are your jerseys official and do you have more pictures of them?

  16. leonardo l says:

    do you know when the tickes go on sale?? xolos vs america feb 9th.

  17. Robert says:

    Do you still have your online store available?

  18. Flavio says:

    When and where can I buy tickets reserved for the corinthians fans on March 6th Xolos x Corinthians?

  19. gaby says:

    I’d like to know where can I buy the tickets for Corinthians x Xolos?

  20. buenos dias acabo de enterarme de tu website y la verdad es que me parece super bueno no sabia de mas personas interesadas en estos temas, aqui tienes un nuevo lector que seguira visitandote constantemente.

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  22. Jose says:

    Will you guys play here in Los Angeles next year, against Los Angeles Galaxy, El America or any other teams throughout the world?

  23. Frank says:

    Hi! Do you know if there is any bus or shuttle service from SD or LA to the Xolos vs Leon game this Friday?

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