Xoloitzcuintles destroyed San Jose Oruro of Bolivia 4-0 in Copa Libertadores action at the Caliente stadium on Wednesday.  Tijuana made their home debut in the competition with an impressive victory over the Bolivian champion.

Americans Edgar Castillo and Joe Corona scored goals one and three for the home side.  Paraguayan Juan Pablo Aguilar scored number two, and Ecuadorian Fidel Martinez rounded topped off the game with the fourth.  Fernando Arce had an outstanding game recovering balls in the midfield and setting up plays.

“The team came out in the second half to get goals and we were able to do it,” Arce said after the game to Fox Sports.  “This is a great step.  We won as a visitor in Colombia.  We had to get this game to round off the week and get the three points.”

Xolos began raining shots on the San Jose net from the net.  Within three minutes Colombian Duvier Riascos was giving the Bolivians the first warning of what was to come.

It didn’t take long for the Aztec dogs to get on the board.  Castillo took the ball and passed to Alfredo Moreno who gave it back to Castillo on a first touch heel tap.  The American hammered the ball to the keeper’s lower right to make the game 1-0.

For the following ten minutes Xolos dominated the pitch as San Jose tried to gain their composure after receiving the early goal.  Arce took control of the midfield distributing the ball to different areas for the strikers to take into a danger zone.

San Jose goalkeeper Carlos Lampe was the busiest player for his team saving them from at least three goals in the first 20 minutes.  The visitors had a hard time controlling the ball, easily giving it up to the home side.

The best shots for San Jose came from Diego Cabrera who shot forcing goalkeeper Cirilo Saucedo to send the ball out in the 36th.  A few minutes later Marcelo Gomes received a pass in what appeared to be offside.  The linesman did not call it allowing Gomes to shoot.  The Brazilian sent the ball wide missing a golden opportunity.  Tijuana increased their attack in the final minutes of the half.  However, the game went to break with the 1-0.

On the first set piece of the second half Aguilar pushed the ball into the net.  Arce took the shot to the center of the penalty area.  Aguilar cleared his marker and hit the ball into the net for the 2-0.

San Jose had not recovered from the second goal when Xolos added the third.  Castillo tapped the ball to Martinez who centered.  Corona reached the ball and changed its direction to throw Lampe off balance.  The ball ended in the net for the 3-0, two USMNT players had just scored in a Copa Libertadores game.

Xolos continued to dominate the pitch after the goal.  The San Jose players were suffering like the Millonarios FC players did last week in Colombia.  Tijuana frustrated the South Americans keeping them back on their half of the field.  This forced the Bolivians to shoot from long distance, or lose the ball if they reached the three-quarters of the field mark.

As the San Jose defense broke down allowing the Mexicans to get through with ease, Lampe was becoming the visiting team’s savior from a higher adverse score.

The fourth goal came on a corner kick.  Aguilar headed the ball to Martinez.  The ball bounced in front of “Tijuana’s Neymar” who headed the ball into the net for the 4-0.

Xolos controlled the final minutes of the game to win their second Libertadores game and earn six points in group 5.  While Arce could easily claim player of the game for actions on the pitch, Lampe saved San Jose Oruro from a bigger thrashing in Tijuana.

Xolos will host SC Corinthians of Brazil on Mar. 6, 2013 for their next Libertadores match.

“We’re waiting for Corinthians with the intent to win the game and take that big step in the competition,” Arce concluded.

Written by Jose Lopez

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Photo Credit: Club Tijuana